Dear Friend,

As 2017 comes to a close, many people have asked how they can best help support our dynamic activities and growing community. I’m particularly touched by this desire to help, because it’s only through your support that we are able to continue providing.

In 2017 ‘The Shul’ of Bellaire grew exponentially:

  • ‘Hebrew School of the Arts’ grew to 75 students.
  • ‘Bellaire Chanukah Festival’ attendance grew to over 400.
  • High Holiday attendance reached 250.
  • Adult Jewish learning and events attended by 400.
  • Daily personal encounters!

'The Shul' of Bellaire has an annual budget of $394,980, 100% of which Esty and I are responsible to raise. It’s you, your family and friends that make this possible.

As you consider the fine organizations which merit your support, please consider 'The Shul' as you make your year-end giving decisions. Your tax-deductible charitable donation will create more light this year and in the years ahead, ensuring a strong and proud Jewish future for our young community.

Please make a donation today, visit:

For pictures of recent events visit our website.

Thank you so much for your consideration and support,

Rabbi Yossi and Esty Zaklikofsky