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CTeen Registration

CTeen Registration


First Name: ­ Last Name: 

Home Phone:         Cell: 

Hebrew Name:   Date of Birth: 

Mailing Address:  School: 

City, State, Zip:        Grade: 

Email Address: 

Best way to contact me is      email phone  text facebook

Parents’ Information

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Father Cell:      Mother Cell: 

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Payment Options: (No one will be turned away due to lack of funds)

  I will send a check in the amount of $54 (includes all monthly events)

  Please charge my credit card in the amount of $54 (includes all monthly events)

Card #:  Expiration Date: 

Billing Address: 


Permission is hereby given for The Shul of Bellaire - CTeen to use in promoting CTeen and in other ventures directly relating to it digital, photographic, video, and audio images or likenesses of teen member; and statements, articles, names, music, art, photographs, audio recordings, films and videos created by the teen member or originating from CTeen or from a CTeen related activity.



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