Kurzon.JPGChana Kurzon a"h, was born in Mexico City in 1929, to a very modest family who emigrated from Syria in 1926. She started working at the age of 11 and was married at 18 to Luis (Eliezer) Kurzon.

Luis owned a Kosher Butcher store where Chana worked every day from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, with the exception of Saturday and Jewish Holidays.

Her doors were always wide open to anyone in the community who needed help. Each Friday night, many guests joined her and her family for Shabbat dinner. Many of these guests were holocaust survivors, some were even homeless, but knew that they would never be turned away from Chana’s dinner table. Chana did not only feed her guest, but made sure to always send them off with food for the next few days.

Each month, Chana and her family would take a long trip to supply meat and chicken to elderly Jews staying at the Aishel, in a small town of Cuernavaca. The elderly Jews looked forward to these visits from Chana and her family, who entertained them and lifted their spirits.

Chana was a supportive wife and loving mother who adored her children and spent quality time with each of them, especially on Shabbat. She shared stories, instilling within them the values she cherished, such as kindness and humility. She took immense pride in her children, who follow in her ways and are deeply devoted to Jewish values and tradition.

Her daughter Susy and Steven Kurewosky and family are honored to dedicate the 'Bellaire Community Torah' in loving memory of their righteous mother Chana.