In response to community demand, and with strict medical oversight, The Shul of Bellaire will be hosting indoor High Holiday services with limited seating.

To accommodate a larger crowd. yet maintain proper social distancing, we will hold all High Holiday indoor services at the new and spacious auditorium in the Bellaire Civic Center – 7008 S. Rice Ave. Bellaire.

It is critical to note that in Jewish law, Pikuach Nefesh, the mandate to save lives, is above all else. At a time of year when our most powerful prayers ask, “Who will live and who will die?”, we humbly take on the core responsibility for protecting life, in our synagogue and the wider community.  Whether services are open or not, YOUR health comes first. We urge every community member to carefully consult with their own physician before making the decision to participate in services.

If your health is vulnerable or you do not feel comfortable attending, please do not come.

What you need to know about The Shul’s In-Person High Holiday Service 5781:

1.      We will be offering indoor services for

a. Rosh Hashana Evening
b. Rosh Hashana Day One
c. Rosh Hashana Day Two
d. Kol Nidrei
e. Yom Kippur Morning
f. Neila

2.      All indoor services will strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines

3.      Masks and health screenings will be required

4.      Pre-registration is mandatory due to capacity concerns, no walk-ins will be allowed

5.      There will be no Kiddush, meals or social gatherings, only prayer services

6.      Congregants above the age of 70 or who are in an at-risk demographic are strongly urged to consult with their doctor before attending