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Treasures of Another Kind

Treasures of Another Kind 

A student goes to visit a Jewish sage, and is astounded to see the sage has virtually nothing in his home. The rabbi’s transformative explanation (in the Youtube link) for his apparent lack teaches us all we need to know about our life’s priorities.

Watch the video by the 8th Day band

Journey of the Soul - a fascinating new 6-session course launched last night. We began to explore the mysteries surrounding the spiritual dimensions of our existence.

Besides for providing answers to life’s biggest questions, Journey of the Soul will inspire you to remain focused on the parts of life that really matter; it will assist you in becoming more in touch with yourself, with your soul, and with your spiritual dimension; and it will help you discover a new-found relationship with your loved ones who are no longer here with us in body.

Why is such a class important for you to attend? Because with each passing day it becomes more apparent than ever, that only by addressing the spiritual components of life are we capable of bringing peace and harmony into the material realm of our existence.

You can still join click here to register.

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