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Big Announcement

Monday, 15 January, 2018 - 7:59 pm

Big Announcement 

We are thrilled to announce that, after an extended search for the optimal solution, yesterday, The Shul of Bellaire signed a lease on a new location at 5307 Bissonnet St, Bellaire. We anticipate the move to take place in the next month or so!

The new space will unite the growing Shul, outstanding Hebrew School and all the very popular community holiday and social events, under one roof, for the first time since opening, seven years ago. This is a game-changer!

The purpose of the move is for The Shul to better accommodate YOU and your family’s needs, and this move would not have been possible if not for YOU, your generosity, friendship and encouragement. This endeavor is truly for the people by the people!

Esty and I are committed to giving our all to raise the level of Jewish awareness, pride and education for every individual in the community. This move will certainly help pave the way for even more involvement, more education and more growth, securing our bright and vibrant Jewish future! Lease.jpg

Among the many who helped bring this endeavor to fruition, there are several who took a leading role. We acknowledge and thank: Mr. Gary Davis and Family, Ron and Melissa JacobsGuillermo GuefenMarshall and Doreen LernerKenneth KatzAnn Miller. Thank you very much and we look forward to an opportunity to publicly thank all of you for being a constant source of strength and encouragement.

Mazel Tov!

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