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Friday, 16 February, 2018 - 3:42 pm


We are currently in middle of a JLI adult education course entitled The Art of Communication.  In a recent lesson we learned about the importance of Silence. Sometimes silence is the most appropriate response and best form of communication.

Human beings like to know what to say in any given circumstance. However, in the face of tragedy (G-d forbid) we really have nothing to say, we have no words… But, we are there for each other offering support, empathy and love, even without saying a word.

This comes to mind as we struggle to wrap our minds around yet another senseless act of violence, resulting in the tragic death of 17 young people... No parent should ever have to kiss their child goodbye as they head out the door to school… and never see them again…

Maimonides famously wrote: One should always view the world at every moment as hanging in the balance, equally, between good evil; our job is to be a force for goodness, to tilt the scale towards goodness.
Yes, Parkland is another reminder that there are forces of evil out there. Let's be sure we are always a force for good! Rather than passive despair, such a tragedy should propel us to push back; to do more in the realm of goodness and kindness, so that each of us is an even greater force for good than we were until now.
We pray that Hashem give strength and comfort to the families of those affected. And may we very speedily witness the fulfillment of Hashem's prophetic promise of Moshiach and Redemption, when all people will live in peace and brotherhood, and "G-d will wipe away the tears from every face."


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