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We're Here to Stay!

Friday, 3 May, 2019 - 11:06 am

Meet Mikelos, our kind neighbor in Bellaire, Texas. Neighbor Ozd Hungary.jpg

During our first Passover here, we needed to enlist a gentile to help us with food related preps (prohibited on the holiday.) A few doors away I met Mikelos working his lawn. I attempted a 30 second crash course on the religious observances of Passover. Less than halfway through my intro, Mikelos was nodding his head with enthusiasm: “Let’s go, I’ll help you, you don’t need to say another word."

“How did you know what I wanted without me telling you?” I asked.


Mikelos explained: “I knew exactly what you wanted. You see, I grew up in Ozd, Hungary, and before they came to take the Jews away, I had a Rabbi who lived on my street. When I was ten years old they would call on me to do the same thing you just asked me to do.”

77 years later Mikelos again lives on the same street as a Rabbi, a grandson of holocaust survivors. We are here to stay. Am Yisroel Chai!




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