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Bellaire is grieving today

Wednesday, 15 January, 2020 - 11:23 am

image.pngBellaire is grieving today. A young life snuffed out. Cesar Cortes had a whole life, a life of service, ahead of him. His family will never see him again. We are all in shock. How could this happen in our midst? Right here at Bellaire?

Firstly, Esty and I are here for anyone who needs assistance or support. Any student who feels the need to talk to a Rabbi, please reach out, whenever.

Second, when we encounter darkness and a tragedy of this nature, our job is to double down on bringing more goodness into our world, our community and our schools. I want to urge you to go out of your way today. Do something good and kind for another. Let's brighten the world today. Resolve a dispute, act selflessly to another, especially toward someone who thinks or looks different than you. Let's unite, let's begin to fix our broken world. You. Me. Now.

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