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Sukkot TV Interview

Monday, 23 October, 2017 - 4:06 pm

Holiday Roundup 

A month of incredible Holidays may have passed, but the inspiration has certainly not! 

Whether you were with us at The Shul for the High Holidays, the Shabbaton preparing for them, a meal in the Sukkah, or if you were in on the amazing Simchas Torah celebration; we hope that the energy of those most auspicious days continue to enrich your life and motivate you to appreciate every moment during this New Year.

When Harvey visited Houston and left so much havoc and uncertainty behind, it was not exactly clear how we would get through the month of Holidays. Where would we live? Where would we build a Sukkah this year?

Yet, with the blessings of G-d almighty and the love, care and concern of an amazing community, this past month has been the most amazing Holiday season yet! Close to 400 experienced The Shul of Bellaire at some point, with 200 people visiting our (temporary) Sukkah behind our (temporary) home.

As the story of Noah teaches us, even with the floodwaters raging all around us, with the help of G-d we are able to create a space for our family and community to be together and appreciate life's blessings. As a friend wrote to me: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain."


I would like to thank some of those who were so helpful over this Holiday season:

First and foremost to my dear wife Esty who selflessly carries out her responsibilities regardless of the circumstances and always with grace and a smile.

Thank you so much to my dear brother, our Cantor Mendel for all the moving prayers. Thank you to Dede Aronack at Acme Rentals for your generosity. Thank you to Ann Miller and the DavisJacobs, Leventon and Kaufman families and all the incredibly generous friends who helped sponsor the Kiddush lunches, and to all the staff who helped with the children’s programs and everyone who participated to make it the most beautiful High Holiday season yet. 

Hope to see you tomorrow in Shul! 


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