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We’ve Moved!

Monday, 12 March, 2018 - 8:15 pm

We’ve Moved!

We are very excited to be celebrating this Shabbat in the new, larger location of The Shul!

There are so many friends who invested time, energy and resources to bring us to this special moment and we look forward to acknowledging them in due time.

The objective of all our efforts is to create a warm space where any and every Jew; man, woman or child can forge a stronger and deeper bond with their heritage and with G-d.

But as it was with the first sanctuary constructed by our ancestors in the dessert, the pre-requisite to being able to draw down the presence of G-d was “Vayakhel” to gather the people together.

When we transcend our differences and unite together around a similar vision and mission, then we can create a sacred space, where every Jew feels welcomed, embraced and never judged for who they are, a space where Divine energy will be felt.

May we share many happy occasions and moments of Jewish celebration, education and pride, until we outgrow it, very soon!


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