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Mrs. Esty (Gurevitch) Zaklikofsky was born in West Hartford, Connecticut. In 1992 her family moved to Brooklyn, New York. The time she spent in the court of the Lubavitcher Rebbe imbued her with a sense of mission to devote her life to Jewish education and community. She graduated with distinction from Associated Beth Rivkah Schools in New York, and continued her post-graduate studies at Ohel-Chana Girls Seminary in Melbourne, Australia.

Esty’s vivacious personality, coupled with her unique talents and people skills, has made her a highly sought-after teacher and community program leader throughout the United States. She worked for one year as a teacher in the special education department of Manhattan Day School. Esty’s great cooking has become a phenomenal attraction to Shabbat dinner at the Zaklikofsky table.

They are joined by their adorable children, son Mendel and daughters Mushka, Chana, Rochel, Rivkah, and Shaina Liba, who play a pivotal role in their parents' work.

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Rabbi Yossi Zaklikofsky